Brian and Russ always do a bang-up job with my horns. They're the first people I think to call anytime I think something's amiss. The best guys know that attention to detail can be the difference between gear getting in your way, or helping you sound great, and these guys never miss a thing. Any time I get my horn back from them, I feel like I'm hearing for the first time how the sax is supposed to sound.

Sam Tobias - Professional Performer and Teacher


Russ Ackerman and Brian Clines' craftsmanship is second to none! Their obsession with pleasing the customer keeps me coming back. Honesty, hard work, and humour make an unplayable horn an enjoyable experience. When my horn is back in my hands it plays better than ever. Thanks you Russ and Brian for your love and dedication.

Justin Jones - Professional Saxophone Player


For me, Liberty Music is the place to go for shopping for instruments and getting my instruments repaired. I've had all my instruments repaired by Russ and Brian, from saxophone to clarinet to flute. A lot of personal care goes into taking care of my instruments, and there is no other place I'd rather go, because they treat my instruments as if they were theirs. I highly recommend any saxophone player in the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania to stop by.

James Stewart - Professional Saxophone Player and Teacher


Russ Ackerman is hands down the best sax technician in the United States. When I get off the road with Gregory Porter or Craig Robinson he always gets my horn back in optimal condition. He's someone that has a genuine passion and love for his craft. If you want quality service at an affordable rate I wouldn't go anywhere but Liberty Music.

Lakecia Benjamin - Professional Saxophone Player


I've bought 2 new tenor saxophones and 2 mouthpieces from Liberty Music. I've also had Russ and Brian do repair work for me. Great guys to deal with, they are very helpful and you will feel at ease working with them.

Mike Tretola - Amateur Saxophone and Guitar Player


Not only does Liberty Music have the best repair men anywhere, it is heaven for any reed player. Check it out and I guarantee it will be worth your time.

Marty Eigen - Professional Saxophone Player