About Us

Since 2015, Liberty Music Associates has been in the business of taking care of saxophonists and their needs— from novice to professional.

As a boutique saxophone shop, there are hundreds of horns and mouthpieces to choose from, and the repair team Russ Ackerman and Brian Clines have the skills and experience— over fifty years between them— to get any woodwind back into top condition.

Russ Ackerman studied repair and apprenticed under the famed Freddy Kirschner, of Dorn and Kirschner. He has also worked at various shops in the metropolitan area, including those on 48th street in New York City, then known as "Music Row." He's amassed an impressive clientele, and serviced horns for players such as Red Prysock, Houston Person, and Michael Brecker, in addition to a host of players on the scene today. Russ brings a rare combination of experience and professionalism that is unrivaled in today's woodwind world.

Nick Franciosa, our resident consultant, studied saxophone with Eric Kloss, Bob Berg, and Steve Grossman, in addition to studying saxophone repair with Ken Danchese. He worked with Dave Guardala as a horn evaluator when Dave started his own line of saxophones. He has also partnered with Saxscape Mouthpieces as a design consultant. Nick has a line of mouthpieces that he designed, and specializes in neck customization.

Have a question? Please call! Our mission is to serve musicians in a fast, friendly, and affordable fashion.